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Elegant Prospect Park Winter Wedding in Redlands | Emma + Asher

This elegant Prospect Park winter wedding in Redlands, California was so amazing! Emma is actually a family friend of mine so I was extra excited and honored that she asked me to capture their wedding day for them! The whole wedding day had slight hints of boho aesthetic yet on the more neutral side! Come check out this gorgeous couple and beautiful location for the wedding photos!

Wedding Photos at Prospect Park Redlands

If you are local and know of Prospect Park in Redlands than you know how amazing this park is for wedding photos. If you don’t know about this park then this should be on your list if you are nearby! Prospect Park has the perfect backdrops, lighting and variety of locations for the bride and groom to take photos at. Emma and Asher had their ceremony and reception at Mission Gables which was really close by. We quickly drove over to this park to capture the elegant vibe Emma wanted! I am all for moving to different locations nearby your venue to capture the best photos for your wedding day! So if you want to go to a pretty park like this one to take your wedding photos then I am all in!

Make Time For Your Wedding Photos

I always preach to my couples that we need to make sure we have as much time as possible to put towards their bride and groom photos! Including time during sunset (because the golden hour sunset photos are the best!). When I found out that Emma and Asher were going to want extra time for their intimate photos together I was so excited!! This time with the bride and groom is definitely one of my favorite parts of your wedding day! We always have so much fun! Plus, you’ll have lots of photos to remember your day by! In my opinion, it’s a win win situation!

Kind Words

“Yay, I love every single one of them” – Emma

“Love your pictures. You’re an amazing photographer” – Jennifer (The Brides Mom)

Southern California Wedding Photographer | Leia Caldwell Photography

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