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Desert Engagement Photos at Apple Valley | Tayler + Jeremie

Tayler and Jeremie were the best ever! It truly was a day filled with lots of fun and playful desert engagement photos! We were able to incorporate different elements inside of their session, like her favorite truck and the huge rocks all over the Apple Valley desert. Come check out why this was an engagement session to remember!

The Vibes Of A Desert Engagement

The thing that I love most about the Apple Valley desert engagement photos is the variety that it brings to the session. We have so many different options! Starting from the variety of backdrops to chose from to being able to climb on huge rocks and be adventurous! Overall, it brings a totally different vibe and aesthetic than Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is iconic for the large trees and aesthetic whereas this natural desert still has the same aesthetic but stands out more because of how different it looks. If you are not 100% into the full Joshua Tree vibes but still want to have your engagement photos taken in a desert than this is the place for you! Apple Valley desert is a must!

An Epic Love Story

Tayler is a close friend of mine and we have known each other since elementary school! I was so excited when she met Jeremie and hearing how good he is to her. They are both so fun, funny and easy going! Taking their pictures and capturing their love and personalities was even easier! But the best part is how they met! These two lovebirds met at in n out because Jeremie commented on her truck (which was perfect because she is obsessed with it!)! They exchanged snapchats and the rest was history! Truly, meant to be! This, all in all, was the exact reason why she wanted to include her truck into their engagement session. It just made sense! Plus, it was a great element to add in! I love it when my couples add in elements that mean something to their love story!

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