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What To Include In a Wedding Detail Box for Your Photographer

Wedding Details To Remember

Detail photos are often overlooked when thinking about the photos for your wedding day. Yet these can be so perfect for remembering the personal details of the day. When preparing your detailed items, make sure to put everything safely in a box or bag so it is all ready when your photographer arrives. This is important to ensure that you aren’t worried about running around trying to find everything in the midst of getting your hair and makeup done. Personally, I like it when the bride has the groom’s items. Then I can take his stuff back over to him when I go to get his getting-ready photos. Keep reading for a list of great items to include for your wedding detail flat lay photos

Wedding Detail Flatlay Box

Items for the Groom:

Ring, Shoes, Tie or Bowtie, Watch, Cufflinks, Cologne, Belt, Pocket Square

Items for the Bride:

Engagement Ring + Wedding Band, Shoes, Veil, Perfume, Jewelry: Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Garter

Additional Items:

Invitation Suites, Bouquets, Extra loose florals, Colored Ribbons, Ring Boxes, Vow Books, and sentimental items such as a bouquet charm.

In addition to these specific items for the bride + groom, these extra items will make your photos even better.

Wedding Detail Flat lay Photographer Box

You don’t need to include every item listed above, but these are extra things that you might want to add. Something that will DEFINITELY elevate your flat-lay photos is extra florals. You can ask your florist if they offer spare florals. Some will bring extras free of charge and allow photographers to use them, while others will charge for the additional stems. If you are getting extra florals, make sure the florist is arriving when the photographer is. Typically your photographer will take the detail photos when they first arrive so if your florist isn’t there yet, then you won’t have any extra florals or your bouquet in those specific photos.


If you want those perfect wedding flatlay photos, I’d love to be part of your day! Head to my contact page so we can get in touch and start planning your dream wedding with all your amazing wedding details!

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