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Intimate Backyard Wedding | Meet the Daniels

Heidi and Brayden’s wedding took place in her Aunt’s backyard. Heidi and Brayden were going to have a courthouse wedding but her family wanted to put on a special event to celebrate them getting married. They had a small intimate wedding with gorgeous sunflower and greenery details.

Heidi and Brayden decided on doing a first look. They wanted a sunset ceremony and wanted to make sure to have enough light for their couple and family photos. Heidi was looking forward to seeing Brayden see her in her wedding dress. She looked absolutely beautiful and their first look was so sweet.

Next was Bride + Groom portraits! The best, most sweetest time of the day where I get to capture the sweet love between the Bride + Groom. Heidi’s Aunt had such a beautiful backyard with many options for us to take pictures. I love how her bouquet pops with the luscious green backdrop!

Ceremony time! Heidi and Brayden wanted a sweet and simple wedding ceremony where they exchanged vows and rings. Heidi had her grandpa walk her down the aisle and her niece as her flower girl. A short and sweet ceremony meant more time for reception festivities!

Time for the reception which means dancing and dessert! Heidi and Brayden got their cake from Stater Bros. and was absolutely DELICIOUS! They also filled the table with other finger desserts from Staters. After the ceremony, Heidi and Brayden also got the chance to get more pictures with friends that attended in support of their marriage. The night went on to enjoy the special first dance, and parent dances, along with open dancing for guests! The night was so lovely and exactly what Heidi and Brayden were hoping for. They then left the next day for their honeymoon to Hawaii!

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