Why Couples Should Opt For Wedding Sunset Photos

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Why Couples Should Opt For Wedding Sunset Photos

My recommendation to all of my beautiful couples on their wedding day is to always dedicate time inside of their wedding timeline to take tons of sunset photos! Capturing your love with a beautiful sunset backdrop is simply magic. Even if it is only 10-15 minutes I promise it will be 100% worth it. Especially when you get cotton candy skies like these two did at Duke’s Malibu!

Always Pro Sunset Photos And You Should Be Too!

Honestly, if you have talked to any photographer you probably know that every single one of them is a total sucker for sunset photos, right? Well I am right there with them! Not only is it absolutely stunning and totally worth it but there are so many more reasons why they are so important to have! Here are just a few of my top reasons why I am PRO to sunset photos!

1. You’ll Get Extra AND Amazing Portraits!

The best part about having sunset photos be a part of your wedding day is that they allow for more amazing portraits of you and your partner creating even more memories together! Whether or not you are doing a first look these will be a great extra opportunity to have more fun with your partner! Designating 10-15 minutes for some stunning sunset photos means you don’t have to worry about if your first look or bridal pictures get cut short.

2. Alone Time Together!

I get it! Your wedding day is filled with to do lists and making sure you are on time for everything without actually embracing the day in its full swing. Well, the best part about making room for sunset photos in your wedding day timeline is that you get more time with just the two of you (and of course your photographer) without having to worry about anyone else! This special time allows for more intimate moments and celebration between only you and your partner! In my opinion, it’s the best part of the entire day!

3. We Can Be Playful Together!

My goal is to always make the two of you super comfortable and have fun together! I like to do this by incorporating lots of movement and doing silly things together to get out of your comfort zone! Sunset photos give us the chance to do just all the non-serious poses and be silly together. It honestly is the best time. I always have the best time with my couples when we laugh and giggle together. With this dedicated time we can really push the limits and do whatever you and your partner wants!

If you are on the edge about if you should carve out 10-15 minutes on your wedding day to take sunset photos than this is your sign to just do it! These 3 reasons are just a few of many of why you should absolutely be PRO sunset photos.

I am so ready to capture your wedding day with AMAZING lighting like this beautiful couple did. Are you?

If you answered yes, then let’s do it! Fill out my contact form to make it official lovers. Can’t wait to hear from you soon and find the perfect sunset photos special to YOU!

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