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Why Couples Should Choose a First Look for their Wedding Day

If I could give all of my future brides one piece of advice, it would be to do a first look at your wedding! Destiny and Trevor’s beautiful wedding day was at a private estate in the stunning Bermuda Dunes. They chose to do a first look for their wedding day and I was so excited! They shared such a beautiful moment together during their first look as they were surrounded by their closest family and friends. It was really fun to have them in the background of their pictures during such a big moment. I know Destiny and Trevor loved having the added support during that important moment as well!

I will always say yes to a first look on your wedding day!

First Look’s have become more and more popular and it is for such good reasons! As a bride, I know it’s one of the biggest decisions I’ve come across lately. Should you or should you not do a first look at you wedding? As a bride, you may be thinking that you’ll lose the “wow” factor of him seeing you for the first time down the aisle, it won’t be as special, etc. etc.! While it’s completely up to you, I think a first look could be made to be even more special than a first look down the aisle. Here are a few reasons why some of my brides chose to do a first look!

1. You can be fully present

Just think about it for a second! You are spending the entire day getting ready for this huge moment and your nerves are just intensely building. The one thing that will alleviate that, is seeing your soon to be partner. I have had so many brides tell me they are so happy they chose to do a first look solely for this reason. They are able to share that first look moment on their wedding day either surrounded by their closest friends or solely by themselves. There are no distractions, no timeline to rush around for, and no pressure. You are able to just sit in that moment together and be fully present with the one you love the most. After your first look, the pressure is alleviated so quickly and you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

2. Your wedding timeline will thank you

There have been so many times, where couples have a later ceremony time and chose to not do a first look. This means that after your ceremony we need to accomplish bridal party photos, family photos, bride and groom portraits, all while trying to be as quick as possible so you can get to dinner and enjoy your guests company and your wedding day! Now, I am fully capable of a timeline like this however, it just makes things very tight and we HAVE to be constantly checking the clock making sure we aren’t off schedule. A first look alleviates this pressure. We are able to accomplish all of the above photo groups and after your ceremony, we will only be focused on the family photos that we weren’t able to capture yet!

3. You can mingle more with your guests

YES! You have more time to interact and talk with your favorite friends and family that you invited to share this day with you!! You can go and mingle with them during cocktail hour, even enjoy some appetizers before your dinner because you won’t have to spend that time taking photos!

If you are going back and forth on whether to have a first look at your wedding, this is your sign to do it! There are so many reasons to incorporate a first look, but these are some of my favorites after getting feedback from some of my past brides!

I am so excited to capture your wedding day and your first look! Are you?

If you answered yes, let’s make it official! Fill out my contact form here and I will be in touch! I can’t wait to hear from you soon and dream up the perfect first look for your wedding day!

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