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The Best Mountain Engagement Session Spots Near Redlands, CA

Redlands, California is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges that offer breathtaking views and the perfect backdrop for your engagement session! There are a number of excellent mountain photo locations near Redlands and the San Bernardino National Forest that are the perfect location for your outdoor mountain engagement! These include Angelus Oaks, Forest Falls, and Big Bear Lake, each offering unique landscapes and vistas that are sure to inspire your creativity and leave you with unforgettable memories. Come take a look at my favorite spots!

Angelus Oaks

The Angelus Oaks Spot is found off of Highway 38 headed up towards Big Bear. For this spot you walk down to a large open area that is a great location for your romantic engagement session! With this location, shoes that can handle some walking in the dirt is most beneficial. With how this spot sits on the mountain, you do have to start your session a little sooner than usual because the sun will fall behind the mountain sooner. This spot is great all year around but you can catch some snow during the winter months!

Forest Falls

For the Forest Falls spot, it is almost to the top of the town. There is a beautiful trail that leads up into the mountain, but you don’t have to go very far for pictures. This spot is fairly small but has two main spots for a backdrop – from the tall trees to the mountains and foliage! I love this spot because the sun makes the mountains glow and there is almost a blue tint, especially when there is snow! For this spot, you do have to start your session significantly earlier (depending on the time of year) due to the sun setting so quickly behind the mountain.

Big Bear Lake

Lastly is Big Bear Lake. This location is on the back of the lake with beautiful trees and a few perfect spots for pictures! The log is one of my favorite spots for pictures or in the brush/foliage. When the sun sets, it hits just beautifully and makes the whole background glow! It is at the top of the mountain, so likely one of the “furthest” spots. You can usually start at a normal session time (just over an hour before sunset) to get beautiful golden hour photos!

Why These Mountain Engagement Session Locations Would Be Perfect For You!

If you are someone who is more care-free and not worried about the dirt, then these mountain locations are the perfect spots for your engagement session. The mountain glow adds such a gorgeous touch to your golden hour photos. I can’t wait to capture your magical day at one of these spots!

Leia Caldwell Photography | Mountain Engagement Session Photographer

If you are ready to capture magic for your mountain engagement photos in Redlands CA, then head over to my contact page so we can get started! I can’t wait to hear from you soon and start planning your amazing and gorgeous engagement session!

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