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A Romantic Rainy Day Wedding at the Cabrillo Pavilion in Santa Barbara

Don’t let the weather ruin your special day! Rylie and Curren embraced the rain and the photos are MAGICAL! Rylie and Curren had their wedding at Cabrillo Pavilion in Santa Barbara. The beach offered the best backdrops to accent their rainy day wedding portraits. Embracing the weather on your wedding day will help make your day way less stressful if things aren’t going the way you anticipated. I’m so happy Rylie and Curren went with the flow and took advantage of the rare rainy day in Santa Barbara! Come see how the rest of their wedding portraits turned out!

How to Embrace The Rain On Your Wedding Day

Rain in Southern California is rare, but not impossible! So it’s important to plan for it and have options on your wedding day incase things don’t go as planned, and that is exactly what Rylie and Curren did! This couple was not going to let the weather stop them from having beautiful couple photos on their wedding day!

Even for a winter wedding at the beach they made the most of it and we used a cute clear umbrella to keep them covered. By the end of their rainy day wedding photos, her dress train was so heavy from the rain but she wasn’t even worried about it! The craziest part of their day was that they got so wet from the rain that Rylie had to have a dress change for their reception! At the end of the day, their wedding was perfect. Now they have unique wedding photos to always look back on!

Love from the Newly Weds After Their Rainy Wedding Day

“Thank you for taking our photos! We really appreciate it!!”

Leia Caldwell Photography | Southern California Wedding Photographer

I would LOVE to capture you on your special day. Rain or shine! If you are planning a 2023 wedding and are in need of the best wedding photographer around, I’m your girl! Head over to my contact page so we can get started.

Come see the rest of these magical and moody rainy day wedding photos!

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