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Engagement Session Tips for The Awkward Couple

Your engagement session doesn’t have to be dreadful! If you’ve been avoiding your engagement photoshoot because you fear you may be awkward, don’t worry. I have some tips and tricks to make you feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Whatever your level of awkwardness, this blog will help you to smile, show your love and get beautiful photos that’ll have you excited to show them off. These simple tips will help you and your partner to relax, have fun and get the perfect shots for your album! Come see my top tips for avoiding the awkwardness in front of the camera!!

Top Tips for a Seamless + Comfortable Engagement Session

Focus On Each Other

Ignore the camera! Just focus on one another and how much you love each other and you will shine in your engagement pictures. This way you aren’t worrying so much about the camera and more on the love you have for each other!

Lean Into The Awkwardness

If this is your first photoshoot, awkwardness is inevitable. Stop worrying about how you look or feel and just have fun with it! This is how you’ll get those sweet, fun and emotional photos!

Find a Photographer That Makes You Feel Comfortable

Finding a photographer that you love and that matches your vibe makes all the difference for your engagement session! Not only will they help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, but allow space for you to just love on each other!

Client Love | Engagement Session Tips and Tricks

“Thank you so much Leia! They are so beautiful, I’m so grateful! James and I are both camera shy, but you made us feel so comfortable and let us have fun! There’s SO much love captured! Seriously, thank you so much!” – Madie

Leia Caldwell Photography | Southern California Wedding + Couples Photographer

I’m ready to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your engagement session! If you are in the process of planning an engagement photoshoot, look no further! Head over to my contact page so we can get in touch.

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