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Benefits of Doing Private Vows During Your First Look

Private vows during a first look can be a beautiful and intimate way to share your love and commitment to one another on your wedding day. For Zach and Cassidy, their outdoor wedding at Hart and Main in Downtown Newhall, CA provided the perfect backdrop for this special moment! Rather than reciting their vows in front of all their guests during the ceremony, they chose to exchange private vows during their first look. Not only did this give them a chance to express their feelings to each other in a more personal setting, but it also allowed them to calm any pre-ceremony nerves! Let’s explore some of the benefits of doing private vows during your first look and why it might be a meaningful addition to your own wedding day.

Why You May Want To Consider Doing Private Vows

By exchanging vows in a private setting, away from the pressure of a large audience, couples can express their love and commitment to each other in an intimate and authentic way. Getting in front of all your friends and family can be nerve wrecking! Private vows are super beneficial for those who are shy or have trouble expressing themselves in front of others. Having a private moment together before the ceremony can help ease any pre-wedding jitters so you can enjoy walking down the aisle. If you are someone who gets nervous in front of crowds, private vows may be the best option for you! Doing this also creates a truly memorable and meaningful moment that you can cherish for years to come.

Love From Zach and Cassidy | A Classy Outdoor Wedding in California

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Being your truest self on your wedding day is so important! If you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of all your guests, no worries! Theres ways around it. If you are planning a wedding in Southern California, I would love to be apart of your day! Head over to my contact page and we will get in touch!

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