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Playful + Candid Engagement Photos in Joshua Tree National Park

I absolutely LIVE for an engagement session in Joshua Tree! The vibes and the views are immaculate. It makes for the perfect spot for playful candid engagement photos which is exactly what Vincent and Sophia wanted. Sophia really wanted the photos to FEEL candid and show off their fun and quirky personalities and I feel like we did just that. Even though these Joshua Tree engagement photos seem easy and carefree, there are some things to consider when planning a Joshua Tree engagement session. Let’s dive in to all you need to know!

How To Plan a Joshua Tree Engagement Photoshoot

When planning your session, you’ll first want to pick a location. There are so many spots in Joshua Tree. The best places are usually “picnic areas” because they offer diverse backdrops and there is also usually access to a bathroom! Sophia and Vincent wanted a spot that also had a road for those “street photos” look.

When entering Joshua Tree you will need to account for an entry fee. This fee is currently $30 per vehicle for a day pass. You can buy it online before or you can purchase it at the gate entrance. You will also want to allot a little extra time as weekends and holidays can take longer to get into the park with an influx of traffic at the entrance.

Also, when planning your engagement session, think through outfits! You are going to want clothing that will compliment the environment. Neutrals are the best in any environment but I think white always looks really good in the desert!! And if you’re unsure, an outfit change is always a good idea! Bring a few different outfits so you can have options through out the day.

Love from V + S | Candid Engagement Photos in Joshua Tree


“I love every single one!”

“Oh my goshhhh they are STUNNING! You did amazing work!!! Thank you so much!”

Leia Caldwell Photography | Southern California Couples + Engagement Photographer

Are you planning an epic engagement shoot in Joshua Tree? I’d love to be apart of it! I’m ready to capture all your special moments celebrating your love. Head over to my contact page and we will be in touch!

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