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The Best Ceremony Times For Perfect Sunset Photos

Romantic and Dreamy Golden Hour Sunset Photos

If you are engaged then you know that planning a wedding and ensuring that all the pieces line up perfectly isn’t exactly the easiest thing. While the ceremony time might be one of the first things you plan out, after all, it is what you put on the invitations, there is more that goes into it! If you are looking for the perfect golden and glowy sunset photos, picking the ceremony time is the first step. Keep reading for more insight on picking the best ceremony times for perfect sunset photos.

Ceremony Times and Golden Sunset Photos

Time of Year Matters!

Obviously, a winter wedding will have different sunset times than a summer wedding will. Weddings in the winter months, December, January, and February, will have less daylight to work with when planning out your special day! Generally, I suggest planning your ceremony about three hours before the time of sunset. In the winter months, this means having a ceremony around 2:00 p.m. During the summer there’s more flexibility, but you can’t go wrong with a ceremony around 4:30 p.m.

Daniela + Tommy | La Quinta Winter Wedding

The Homestead in Oak Glen | Summer Wedding

Location, location, location!

The location of your wedding will also affect those beautiful golden hour photos! A venue tucked away in the mountains will lose rays of sunlight much faster than a venue in the flat desert will. Be sure to ask your photographer about your venue and the best time to take your sunset photos.

James + Kacy | A Murrieta Fall Wedding

Pymm Ranch in Temecula | A Spring Wedding

While a common time to sneak away for sunset photos is during dinner, there are options! The other pieces in your wedding can help when planning your ceremony. If you are planning a cocktail hour, this can be a great time to step away for those perfect golden sunset pics. If you go that route, just be sure to set aside time for family photos!

Ultimately, your wedding is about what YOU want. There is no perfect formula for your ceremony time and I am here to help you plan those perfect sunset photos that will create lasting memories forever.


If you are ready to start planning your wedding with the most amazing sunset photos, head over to my contact page so we can get started! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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