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Autumn Elegance: Inspo For Your Fall Wedding Color Palette

Wedding Color Palettes

Fall weddings have such a unique charm with those perfect warm hues and cozy elegance! One of the key elements in creating the PERFECT ambiance for your wedding is choosing the right colors. In this blog post, we look at some stunning inspirations for your fall wedding color palette, ensuring a captivating and unforgettable day.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes

Rustic Warmth

For those wanting a wedding that embraces the rustic beauty of autumn, consider shades of deep burgundy, burnt orange, neutrals browns, and rich deep greens. These warm & earthy tones add a touch of cozy elegance to your wedding decor, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A great addition to this color palette is a pop of blue to complement the warmth of the red and orange tones!

Rustic Wedding Autumn Wedding Colors

Vibrant Jewels

Jewel tones are deep, rich, and vibrant colors. Though bold, the depth means they’re not too overwhelming, making them a great option for a fall wedding color palette. The most common jewel tones are ruby, emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. However, medium-deep shades of red, yellow, blue, green, and violet also fit this category. Embrace a palette of deep blue, dark emerald green, rich yellows and oranges, or rich reds. But too many bright colors can quickly become overwhelming. Make sure to stick to only a few bright colors and complement deep hues. The result is a vibrant scheme, adding drama and depth to your wedding, creating a setting that captivates your guests.

fall wedding bridal party color palette
Fall wedding color table decor and florals

Moody Wedding Jewel Tones Color Palette

Bohemian Dream

Embrace the free-spirited bohemian vibe with a palette of dusty rose, sage green, and hints of copper. You can also add in a sense of depth, such the deep blue or muted burgundy like these bridesmaid dresses! These soft and natural colors will bring a sense of organic beauty to your fall wedding. When using these colors, it will be sure to create a whimsical and dreamy feel that perfectly complements the season.

fall wedding bridal party color palette

Bohemian Fall Wedding Colors

When planning your fall wedding, selecting the right color palette sets the tone for the entire celebration. Whether you prefer rustic warmth, deep jewels, or bohemian dreaminess, there is a perfect color palette waiting to bring your vision to life. Embrace the enchanting hues of autumn and let them inspire a truly memorable and breathtaking fall wedding day.


Regardless of the color palette you choose for your day, I would love to be a part of capturing your perfect day! If you are ready to book a photographer for your wedding with the perfect fall wedding color palette, head over to my contact page so we can get started! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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