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Fall Engagement Session: Fun Poses for Authentic Pictures

Fun and Flirty Fall Engagement Poses

Your fall engagement session is the perfect time to capture both the memories and the special connection that you have! It’s also a great way to become comfortable with various poses and learn your photographer’s style before the big day!!! If you have done a shoot with me, you know I have several go-to poses I LOVE to use when taking engagement photos. Keep reading to see a few fun poses I use to create an authentic and genuine session you will love. I hope you are inspired by these fall engagement session poses which make for fun authentic pictures!

Three Fun Poses For Great Engagement Photos

  1. Airplane into Preztel

The first step is one person standing right in front of the other. Spread your arms wide, and grab each other’s hands. Then rotate and move your arms around like airplane wings. Be sure to sway back and forth and look at each other while doing this! After a few seconds, your photographer will count down, “1…2…3… human pretzel!” Then you’ll go in for a big hug! The person in the back will wrap their arms around the person in front, all while swaying, smiling, and looking at each other.

These photos are perfect for capturing movement in your engagement photos and result in candid photos with genuine smiles and laughter!

Jakkree + April | Joshua Tree Fall Engagement Photos

2. Sneak Attack

For this pose, one person will start about 5 to 7 steps in front of the other! The person in the back will run up and grab the other – you can pick up your fiancĂ©e, or sway them around. A kiss on the side of the forehead or cheek is a PERFECT addition to this pose. My tip is for the guy to grab around her waist, making sure that her arms are over his. She will put her hands on his, wherever they land. Another tip for the ladies, make sure that you pick up your feet as you sway or get picked up!

Josh + Ana | Fall Engagement Photo Poses

3. Spin into a Dip

This last fall engagement photo pose is exactly how it sounds, a spin & dip! For this dance move pose, one person twirls the other. Don’t be afraid to practice this a few times to feel comfortable and figure out which hand is easiest to twirl and spin with. As long as you are both comfortable, it will result in the best authentic-looking photos! I typically have my couples do two spins. On the first spin, the girl will look at the guy while spinning. On the second spin, I have her look at/watch the camera instead. After the second spin, slowly drop your hands and go into a dip. Again, don’t be afraid to practice, practice, practice, and you don’t need to do a super deep dip – as long as you lean back into it, the photo will look great!

Brett and Trisha’s engagement session in Big Bear had a great example of the Spin into a Dip!

fall couple engagement photo pose dancing

Romantic Fall Mountain Engagement Session

If you love these poses as much as I do, let your photographer know, or reach out to get a session booked with me! I would love to capture the BEST authentic engagement photos for you with perfect poses that create a genuine feel, bring out your personality, and match the vision for your dream session! If you are planning a fall engagement session, let’s talk! I’d love to be part of your fall engagement session poses and your special day. Head over to my contact page to get started!

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