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Why You Should Always Make Time for Sunset Photos

Sunset photos can be some of the most stunning pictures from your wedding day! This time of day has the most ideal lighting for photos. It is when you will get that warm, creamy glow that makes for the most perfect and beautiful photos. In photography terms, sunset can also be known as Golden Hour. Golden Hour is that soft and warm lighting that makes for beautiful and romantic photos. There are typically no harsh shadows to worry about or bright/high contrast lighting. Karan and Aubrey were the perfect models to showcase these stunning Golden Hour photos!

Golden Hour Photography | Southern California Wedding Photography

Sunsets help to create dramatic lighting that can be mesmerizing in photos. This soft, golden light cast such a gentle glow on Karan and Aubrey and the surrounding field, creating such a warm and inviting atmosphere! This type of lighting adds a touch of magic to your photos that you will love forever!

Sunset Photos | Wedding Photo Inspiration | Golden Hour Couple Aesthetic

If you are looking for the perfect golden and glowy sunset photos, picking the ceremony time is the first step. The location of your wedding will also affect those beautiful golden hour photos! Read my blog post from last summer to learn more about choosing the right wedding times for those perfect sunset photos!

I also love the photos that come right after Golden Hour! About 15 minutes after the sunset, we get Blue Hour! This lighting creates stunning photos that are slightly darker and less glowy but not any less gorgeous.

Sunset Photos Ideas | Blue Hour Photography | Southern California Wedding Photographer

Making time for sunset photos at your wedding is a decision you won’t regret. The stunning nature of the sunset, all the good lighting, and the magic of blue hour make them a must-have for any wedding album. So, don’t forget to schedule time during your wedding to capture these gorgeous moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.


I’d love to be part of your sunset photos, whether on your wedding day, engagement, or even just for fun! If you are ready to start planning your golden hour session, reach out! Head over to my contact page to lock me in!

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